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I figured that since I'm probably not gonna post any of my fics here, I can at least write out this whole masterpost of what I have written along with links, so that y'all can choose whatever you want to read without getting lost in the sea of other things on my Archive Of Our Own page.
If you do just want my AO3 page, to follow or go through on your own or whatever (there is also Invader Zim on there if you're into ZaDR and ZaGR) then here it is…
Now, on to the fics. I will divide this into two sections. Multi-chapter, and one-shots. As always, be sure to read the tags on the actual fic page, because I do tag with whatever kinks may be involved, and so on. Without further ado...
-Too Kinky To Torture…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 3052
  • Summary: Bill enjoys pain a bit too much. And Dipper has a bit of a dominance kink. What else is new. Rated Explicit for sex and blood, enjoy. I personally imagine this as within the same universe as my Fun in Vegas fic, just months or years later, but it can be a standalone if you wish. Regardless, it had to be written. I just... the world needs more dominant Dipper okay. (so basically this can be read alone, you don't have to have read Fun in Vegas beforehand)
-Bucking Wild…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 1956
  • Summary: During Dipper's second rut, Bill decides to let the cervitaur have dominance. The results are... quite exciting, to say the least. BillDip one-shot, Monster Falls AU, I apologize for nothing.
-Stick It In…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 2438
  • Summary: Bill loves pain. He's excited by it. In more ways than one. And he's not exactly picky about it. As Dipper finds out after what was supposed to be a simple trip to the doctor's office to get Bill his shots. Dating a masochistic demon is frustrating. (this is pretty much a shitpost in fanfiction format. nonetheless it has its redeeming qualities I suppose, lol)
-All Tied Up…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 4224
  • Summary: After a frustrating day at work, Dipper and Bill sometimes like to get kinky. And sometimes, Dipper likes to take charge. Bill is completely and shamelessly on board with that.
  • Rating: General Audiences
  • Word Count: 2498
  • Summary: Dipper hasn't seen Bill in nearly six years, since the demon's last attempts at completing his horrific plan for Gravity Falls and the rest of the world. So when Bill shows up to speak to him, he is understandably terrified and angry. But the conversation ends up being one Dipper never expected, and by the end of it, he's willing to look at the other in a new light. This isn't really romantic, just platonic. Also has implications of BillFord. Enjoy.
-Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Prize…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 2883
  • Summary: Bill is antsy during a particularly long car trip and Dipper is way too open-minded. Sexual shenanigans ensue.
-One Dip, Two Chips…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 4529
  • Summary: Bill decides to spice things up one night by inviting along a guest from another dimension. Surprise! The guest is him.
-W:FFaFP Ch.26 Deleted Scene… (this should only be read once Chapter 26 of W:FFaFP is read)
  • Rating: Mature
  • Word Count: 913
  • Summary: A continuation of Chapter 26 of War: For Fun and For Profit that was cut out because it didn't seem entirely necessary to the flow of the story. So here it is in standalone glory. Bill may not have a human host yet, but that doesn't mean he can't have some fun with his partner. This is short and sweet and I hope you enjoy. :>
-Something Different…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 1724
  • Summary: Dipper enjoys his little trysts with the demon Pavonis; they're great for helping him gain confidence when it comes to sex. But when it occurs to him that he hasn't yet experienced being on the bottom, Pavonis graciously offers to help him find out.
  • This is part of my "War: For Fun and For Profit" universe. (this isn't BillDip but Dipper's relationship with Bill is mentioned and the main fic this is based in is Billdip. just. look it's Dipper and Pavonis and it's smutty okay it's worth a read)
-Ganging Up…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 3566
  • Summary: Bored on a down day, Dipper and Pavonis decide to have some fun and gang up on Bill. While Bill appreciates a good threesome, he isn't quite prepared for what they have planned. Luckily, it doesn't take long before they have him playing along. This is in my "War: For Fun and For Profit" universe, but it does not really have spoilers of any sort, unless Bill having a human body counts as spoilers but it isn't really described so I think it's fine.
  • Rating: Teen and Up
  • Word Count: 1640
  • Summary: Imagine a world where everything was black and white until you met your soulmate, and only then you finally get to see the beautiful colors of the world around you. Now imagine that one day, while you're simply out running errands... suddenly everything returns to black and white.
-Love You the Same…
  • Rating: General Audiences
  • Word Count: 1631
  • Summary: Dipper Pines loves Bill Cipher. Whether he's using a human vessel or simply in his natural demon form, Dipper loves him the same. And he makes sure his partner knows it.
-A Religious Experience…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 2608
  • Summary: While checking out a ghost town, Dipper and Bill take a moment to admire the place's church and its lovely architecture. They soon go inside to check it out. And thus the lion laid with the lamb. Needless to say they have a new appreciation for churches now.
-The Praise I Deserve…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 2445
  • Summary: Dipper and Bill like to roleplay. Tonight's scene is being led by Dipper, and Bill couldn't be more thrilled at what he's chosen.
-Holy Trinity…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 6577
  • Summary: Sequel to "Tribute". One day, the god Bill Cipher invites to his home not just Mabel, but Dipper as well. Why should a god care what humans find immoral? The twins are nervous, of course, but they are devoted to him. So they will do whatever he asks of them.
  • This is a sequel so you probably should read the MaBill that came before it:… But if not this is fine on its own. It's not just BillDip though, but also MaBill and Pinecest. idk if you're into that but if you are, have fun!
-Impressed Yet?…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Word Count: 2226
  • Summary: Dipper's curious about the extent of Bill's powers. Can the demon summon things with them? Such as tentacles? You know just as a random, non-specific example... Of course Bill is pleased to show him.
-Fun In Vegas…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Chapters: 5
  • Word Count: 13028
  • Finished
  • Summary: Dipper and Mabel Pines have finally turned eighteen and their parents have taken them all the way to fabulous Las Vegas for a weekend of fun as their big gift to them. Mabel is right at home in the flashy city, but Dipper finds it to be a bit of a headache, and searches for some quiet. Instead, he finds the most exciting 'person' he has ever met. This is a Dipper/Bill Cipher fic, rated Explicit for sexual content and some brief harsh language later on.
-Payment in Blood…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Chapters: 36
  • Word Count: 98320
  • Finished
  • Summary: Dipper and Mabel Pines have always been able to get out of bad situations. But eventually, they get into one so bad that it takes a certain dream demon to rescue them, and his services are not free. And the payment he asks for will change their lives forever.
-Paying Recompense…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Chapters: 17
  • Word Count: 45823
  • Finished
  • Summary: A few months have passed since the fire that claimed the Mystery Shack and the life of Stanley Pines. The Shack has been rebuilt and Dipper Pines is continuing its legacy, with Bill Cipher by his side... but can he trust the demon like he did before? And should he be worried about the return of an old foe who claims he wants to investigate the strange murders that have been happening over the past year? The highly anticipated sequel to Payment in Blood. If you haven't read PiB yet, I would highly encourage you to do so, because this pretty much picks up from there with little explanation.
-Payback Series Bonus Scenes…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Chapters: Currently 13
  • Word Count: Currently 46888
  • Unfinished; I may write more bonus scenes one day.
  • Summary: A collection for any deleted/bonus scenes I decide to write for the Payback series, which includes Payment in Blood and Paying Recompense. These are scenes that for whatever reason, I decided didn't quite fit in the flow of the story and decided to remove, or just wrote separately altogether. Some may not quite fit into the storyline, in which case, it was probably written before I actually got to that point of the story. Regardless, I wanted to share these anyway. These may contain spoilers so be careful. As usual, read the tags and summaries, at least one of these scenes is quite horrible. Later scenes will actually be follow-ons to Paying Recompense that tell more of the story, so definitely take a look. Anyway, hope you enjoy.
-The BillDip Collection (Non-Sexual)…
  • Rating: Teen (though the ratings of individual prompts may be even lower than that)
  • Chapters: Currently 18
  • Word Count: Currently 27792
  • Ongoing, prompts get added to this as I answer them on Tumblr.
  • Summary: A collection of my responses to all the BillDip prompts I've been given on Tumblr. These ones are all non-sexual in nature, sexual ones are in a different collection. This will be updated as prompts are written. They're sometimes vaguely related but don't really follow a set storyline.
-The BillDip Collection (Mature)…
  • Rating: Explicit (individual prompts may be at Mature, but regardless they are all sexual)
  • Chapters: Currently 15
  • Word Count: Currently 34166
  • Ongoing, prompts get added to this as I answer them on Tumblr.
  • Summary: A collection of my answers to the more mature BillDip prompts I have been given on Tumblr, as well as other one-shots I've written for fun! Take warning, when I do smut, I go HARD. There will be no fading to black or vague description here, ahahaha. Again, these aren't really in any particular order, and this will be updated as I answer prompts/write things on my own.
-Under the Moon…
  • Rating: Mature
  • Chapters: Currently 12
  • Word Count: Currently 27359
  • Unfinished; on hiatus
  • Summary: Two supernatural beings make a kill together. One takes the blood, the other takes the meat. Such a strange couple, a vampire and a werewolf, but as far as they're concerned, their shared bloodlust is the most perfect thing in the world. Inspired by Tumblr user GravityFaller7's Bloodlust AU. <3
-The Friction Between Us…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Chapters: 3
  • Word Count: 9230
  • Finished
  • Summary: What is the proper reaction when one wakes up to a sleeping demon grinding up on them? Well, clearly it is to go along with it, because that demon is hot as fuck. And then if said demon wakes up too? ...well then. good times, am I right? And then when the demon reveals his devious side... hoo boy. Fun times all around. (this is pretty much PWP I wrote a while back but I decided to share it now, and I can't control myself so it's in three parts, anyway enjoy)
-War: For Fun and For Profit…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Chapters: 40
  • Word Count: 116637
  • Finished
  • Summary: Okay, so the first time Bill tried to bring about an apocalypse, things didn't exactly go as planned. Now, years later, he's ready to make another attempt. This time backed by an entire army willing to fight and die for him. And who else should he convince to lead his people, but the very person who helped ruin his last takeover? That's right. Dipper Pines. Revenge is so, so sweet.
-Late Night Dances and Taking Chances…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Chapters: Currently 12
  • Word Count: Currently 34343
  • On Hiatus
  • Summary: Dipper Pines is a dancer who's very good at his job. Bill Cipher is an incubus who is also very good at his job. And when they meet at Dipper's debut in the Gravity Falls club, well... let's just say it's lust at first sight. But maybe it could be something more, despite the insistence of Dipper's family that an incubus could never feel love. But Dipper can hope, right?
-It Was Bound to Happen…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Chapters: 2
  • Word Count: 5930
  • Finished
  • Summary: While messing with one of Ford's inventions, Bill manages to get himself chained to Dipper with collars that prevent them from using magic and also somewhat weakens them. While Ford is off fixing up something to free them, Bill decides to have a little fun with their new binding. Two-part story, first part is just BillDip and stands alone, second part is optional and will be BillDipFord. Because a certain sin chat inspired me.
-BillDip Smut Week (Aug 8-14)…
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Chapters: 7
  • Word Count: 13718
  • Finished
  • Summary: A week of BillDip smut one-shots following various prompts. Will update once a day over the course of a week and the prompt will be listed in the summary each day. Enjoy the smut and feel free to participate too!

That's the list as of right now. If any of that interests you, go ahead and check it out! Want a list of other stories I recommend? You can find one here, that also includes my own feelings about the fics in question. It hasn't been updated in a while but it should still be good.…
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
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Argabides Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016
Well you seem to have a fair share of explicit stories.
Spyro-For-Life Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Smut is fun to write. :V
The multi-chapter ones have plot so of course they aren't entirely explicit, those tags are just on for the stuff that does get mature. But only a few of the one-shots are just purely fluff (and angst). Like Monochrome, Sorry, and Love You the Same.
Argabides Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
It is? For real?!
Spyro-For-Life Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah. Takes some getting used to but there's a lot of dialogue and action and description you have to keep up with and idk it's just fun to write.
Argabides Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
Well, It's certainly not my type of story! I prefer sophisticated, Well researched and deep Linguistic and historical books.
Spyro-For-Life Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fair enough.
I stick to fantasy and sci-fi novels myself. Not that I mind reading more sophisticated stuff if it happens to catch my interest, but usually it has to be something scientific, like about space or something, for me to want to read it.
Argabides Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016
And I forgot to mention mythology. You'd be surprised how much real history is hidden in mythology books.
I used to be a space Sci-Fi fan myself, My favorite movie being "Alien"!
Spyro-For-Life Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mythology is pretty interesting too.
I never got around to watching any of the alien moves except Alien Vs Predator, which I realize is hardly the best out of either franchise, but considering it was the only one I'd ever seen, I absolutely loved it. I need to watch the rest of the Alien movies. I almost did when I was younger but my big brother decided it would scare me so he didn't let me watch it. And then when I got older I just never bothered trying to look it up, lol
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Heavenly-Graphite Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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